what exactly is sick as a dog?

where did the phrase come from? i mean.. humans cant even catch dog colds, so what the heck. dogs dont even get sick near as often as humans.” dog tired” i can understand, sometimes i mistake my dogs for furniture that breathes. …. but sick as a dog?   the saying is kinda stupid to me.  you know what other one gets me? sleeping like a baby. WHAT? what kinda babies did you have? cause mine certainly didnt sleep well at all. in fact i dont think she slept any longer than 20 minutes straight for the first year of her life.

im sick as a school kid. now that sounds more like it. remember that kid that you always somehow wound up being fortunate enough to get seated next to in grade school? the one that puked some random puke out of nowhere at least once a week ? and somehow, he managed to make them like little secret vomit bombs? no one but you knew he did it.. and the only reason anyone else knew he did it because they heard you gagging at the aftermath. im not trying to be gross, but really.. who didnt have one of those years in school.  when the only reason you dreaded friday was because you know little danny hasnt puked yet this week and oh shit, its friday and danny hasnt puked…… today is the day. all day long youre looking over… you know its bound to happen soon. out of the corner of your eye you see him sitting real still… you know its coming, then bam. secret silent puke bomb on the desk. he doesnt even try to make it to the sink anymore. i suppose to his credit, cleaning up a trail of vomit is surely worse than a pile. at least its all in one place.

after a quick search.. it appears the term sick as a dog dates back as far as 1705. apparently to the brits, being “sick” means vomit. where as feeling “ill” would be the common cold. i remember my ex saying poorly – feeling poorly, although he did say sick from time to time — i wonder if i came across as insensitive, not realizing he meant he was puking. well, regardless.. im going to start saying sick as a school kid. cause my dogs dont get sick… and danny is burned into my memory, as… sick.

ahh.. post no.3. my favorite number. im not sure why it is, it just is. at that, i am hoping to get at least 3 hours of non-broken sleep tonight. we shall see. i always have great intentions of getting to sleep before 11 and waking up at 6, instead what seems to happen is i dont sleep all night long, i crash at 8pm, wake up at 11, go back to bed around 2, up again at 4, back until 5:30 , up until 6:30, back until 7:20. and my day begins. i dont know what the heck is wrong with my sleep but its definitely a mess. supposedly there is a very tiny gland which regulates your sleep habits. ………. i think my gland has A.D.H.D.?

well, thats it for me tonight. heres to no.3







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